Competing in the Oculus’ Mobile VR Jam 2015 I am creating Thrax which will bring the iconic Sci-Fi Holotable into Virtual Reality.

The Holotable is an iconic piece of equipment found in many sci-fi films including the mapping scene from Prometheus, Dejarik the chess style game played in Star Wars or Iron Man’s 3D mapping data just to name a few.

I think the Sci-fi Holotable concept is fascinating and pairing it with being a fan of the top down genre of gaming I will be looking at blending the two into a virtual representation of a war sim in a virtual reality command center environment. Thrax will bring controller based gameplay, which will see you piloting through a war scenario, taking out objectives with a variety of weapons and destroying the enemy tasked with their protection.

I am sure others have dreamed and developed this type of virtual reality gameplay but after a cursory search of the internet I am yet to find one, possibly making Thrax unique so far. If this proves to be something the players enjoy expansion into other forms of top down gameplay can be achieved, and a new top down holotable genre could be created.

Holotable’s in virtual reality enable a depth perception into an otherwise flat gameplay and with the addition of surrounding holograms of a ships’ health status, weapon selection and mission maps the virtual scene can become the ultimate command center.

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